Giving to our Parish

Our Parish does not receive any funding from elsewhere, and therefore relies on Parishoners to fund its day-to-day running.

We are greateful to the many parishioners who, understanding this, generously support our Parish financially.

How can you support our Parish?

  • Monthly Standing Orders

    Monthly standing orders are payable through your bank. This is an easy way to donate to the Parish on a monthly basis. A good rule of thumb is to decide what weekly donation you would like to make and multiply this by 4.5.

  • Weekly planned giving envelopes.

    Using a pack of dated envelopes for each Sunday and for Special Collections if you are registered with the Parish.

  • Mobile App

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When can you support our Parish?

  • Weekly Mass

    Donations at Mass form our most significant source of funding for the day-to-day running of the Parish.

  • One-off donations

    Many of our Parishioners like to make one-off donations over the course of the year.

  • Your Will

    Some Parishioners leave legacies to the Parish. This gives significant help towards special works and one-off items. Please contact our office for the appropriate wording.